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About  Shaun

I started in the safari industry over 17 years ago and have since hosted guests on safaris within South Africa, Botswana, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, Mozambique and many more. I love my photography and getting out on safari to some of the top destinations in Africa allows me to get close to the action. I am a real outdoorsman and love hiking, surfing, fly fishing, open cold water swimming and anything else that can keep me in nature.

Apart from the outdoors I have a great affinity for good wine, food, music (especially Jazz) and will travel the world to experience the good things in life. I am fortunate to have a great family that shares my love for adventure and travel, both children started travelling from the age of two months. I love getting involved in social and conservation causes and have walked all over Spain to raise funds for the Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund and even around the base of Mount Kenya to raise funds for a friend’s orphanage. I am constantly looking at ways to conserve and preserve and will do anything to raise funds for a worthy cause. My main concern is assisting in wildlife conservation, human / wildlife conflict mitigation and social upliftment programs. 

The Cape is home and I love the diversity on offer that combines history, architecture, good food and wine, an amazing coastline and rugged mountains. The ocean is cold where I live and it gives me the perfect platform to practice my open water swimming

We only get one life and you need to live every moment to the fullest!!!!

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