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Giving Back

We are custodians of the earth and it so important to give back.  If you are one of those passionate people, who share a love of the African Bushveld, Conservation, Community upliftment and most importantly care about the world we live in then contact me to see how we can change the world one small step at a time.


TUNAJALI is Swahili for "WE CARE" and it echoes my sentiment towards the environment and the communities that lives in it and shares the land with the wildlife. I choose targeted fundraising campaigns to create tangible projects which focuses on conservation efforts while creating data sets on animal movement and behavior - which is shared with interested stakeholders, creating viable long term  conservation strategies based on scientific data. Work dedicated to community upliftment is created in such way that it not only mitigates human / wildlife conflict but also looks at ways to create economic prosperity for them.

Food security has become a very important topic with over recent times and I have partnered with an organization who has created a solution for enabling each person to increase their daily nutritional intake by planting their own vegetables. African Grower has a sponsor program where you can donate an African Grower and they place it into community programs that they work in. Visit the African Grower website to see how you can become part of the food security solution.  

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